Are Speed and Reliability Key to Choosing an eCommerce Hosting Solution?

eCommerce Hosting Solution

With hundreds of ecommerce websites being born every week and ecommerce giants such as Amazon making it hard for new businesses to make headway, the ecommerce playing field is extremely competitive. If you own an ecommerce business and you want to succeed in this competitive arena, you need all the advantage you can get. One particular aspect of your ecommerce website needs to be the very best if you want to stay competitive and that is the ecommerce hosting solution you are using.

The hosting solution you are utilising will significantly impact your ability to be able to communicate with your customers and showcase your products and services effectively via your website. If your ecommerce website is in anyway unattractive or unappealing, be it due to slow loading speed, frequent downtime, or security issues, chances are very high that ecommerce customers will not even bother with your website regardless how nice your product offerings are.

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So how do you then pick the very best ecommerce hosting solution for your website? Well, Speed and Reliability are very important. But they aren’t the only attributes you should be looking out for when trying to pick the best hosting solution for your business

Site Speed

Site speed is very important because the average online shopper doesn’t have the patience to wait on a slow loading website when there are multiple online businesses offering exactly what you are offering far more efficiently. If you want to make sure that your customers have a positive user experience that guarantees they will come back to use your services or refer your ecommerce website to their friends, you should opt for a hosting solution that guarantees optimal page loading speed.

The speed of your website is also one of the factors that will be used by search engines to determine how highly your website should be ranked in search engine results. The higher you’re ranking, the more organic traffic you will get to your website and thus more customers to purchase your goods.


The reliability of a web hosting solution covers issues such as security and uptime, both of which should be the very best in order to keep your customers safe and ensure they can access your services anytime they are ready to shop.

Uptime refers to time which your website is available, accessible and operational. While no web host can guarantee a 100% uptime, you shouldn’t opt for a web host that offers anything less than 99.9 percent uptime. This is because your ecommerce website is a 24/7 venture that customers should be able to access on any day and at any time. Think of it this way, every second your website is offline is a potential customer and sale lost.

Other Factors

Other attributes that your hosting solution provider should be able to deliver on include scalability and affordability. Web hosting that offers scalability means it offers enough resources for your ecommerce website to expand and grow as time passes to meet the growing needs of your customers. As for affordability, well there’s no reason you shouldn’t get the best hosting service at the lowest price so as to minimise overhead and maximise profit.

Problems with Business Money Transfers

Money Transfers

Money Transfers are a common part of the business landscape: whether you’re paying a supplier or receiving cash from a client, it’s likely that you find yourself on one side or another of the transfer cycle on a regular basis. But there are lots of reasons why business Money Transfers can go wrong if they’re not properly executed. The transfer channel you use might not be fully secure against fraud, for example, while moving money internationally can also cause headaches. Here are some of the main obstacles to a successful transfer, and how to avoid them.

Trust and Security

Moving a large amount of money from one place to another inevitably necessitates an element of trust. You’ll most likely have to use a third party in order to get the job done, such as a bank or an online payment provider like PayPal. And while these services often have plenty of measures in place to ensure that you don’t get defrauded while moving your money, even the most rigorous and secure sites can’t defend against user error. When moving money online, then, always ensure that you conduct business on a secure, private computer where passwords and other sensitive security data can’t be monitored.

Charges and Fees

If you’re moving a large amount of money from one place to another, it’s possible that you’ll be required to pay a fee. After all, fees and charges are how many of these platforms make their money. Some banks might not charge you for transfers, but some will – so it pays to be prepared. Usually, it’s wise to do your research on which platforms are the best for you well in advance of the transfer date. You should also speak to the sender or recipient, too, and ask them which platforms they would prefer. If one of you has to pay a fee but the other doesn’t, depending on the business relationship you have it may be worth negotiating to split the cost.

Moving Cash Abroad

When an international dimension is introduced to the monetary transaction, though, the whole thing becomes a bit more complex at the drop of a hat. It’s likely that you’ll have to pay a fee in addition to potentially losing out on the exchange rate (depending on the destination), so it’s worth shopping around. It’s also a good idea to prioritize customer service so that you can get any queries handled quickly. For international transfers out of the USA, it’s a good idea to work with money transfer companies in New York in order to get the best possible service.

When it comes to money transfers, it’s wise to ensure that you’re on the ball as much as possible. From preventing fraud from taking place to ensuring that any cash you move is done so in a way that keeps fees as low as possible, there are lots of things to look out for when making a business transfer either domestically or internationally.

A Guide to Contracting in the UK

Contracting in the UK

Becoming an independent contracting in the UK can be a daunting prospect – say goodbye to your steady salary, employee benefits and normal working hours. However, say hello to greater flexibility, higher earnings and more personal freedom. If this is your first time dipping into the world of contracting in the UK, then read this guide to help ensure you understand the requirements.

Guide to Contracting in the UK

Your CV

Since you’re going to be working for a much higher number of different employers than a full-time employee, your CV is going to be under frequent and intense scrutiny. That means it needs to really sell you and your skills. Put your skills first and foremost, since these are what clients are going to be looking for. Also, use case studies on your CV that highlight your skills and show how you have helped other clients. Finally, make sure your CV looks clean and professional – clients will be turned off by poorly designed or formatted CVs. There are plenty of guides available to help you write a great contractor CV.


This dirty word is a large part of contracting. You should be collecting business cards like they’re Panini stickers. Whenever you get a new client, give them several of your business cards to give to clients of theirs. Keep in touch with former clients and prod them every few months to see if they are in need of your services.

Use Agencies

For most contractors, the majority of their work comes from agencies. These are matchmakers for clients and contractors, facilitating fruitful partnerships and, importantly, steady work for you. There are agencies which specialise in certain industries, so find the right ones for the type of work you do and sign up to all of them. The more you sign up to, the greater your pool of potential clients will be.

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As a contractor, you have control over how you are paid. Contractors might choose to become a limited company or will use an umbrella company for administrative purposes. Using an umbrella company brings the advantages of having the administration of payroll, invoicing, tax, etc., taken care of by specialists. You can set payroll up quickly to sort out contractor pay as simply as possible. Using an umbrella company is also a great way of making sure that you remain compliant with IR35 and you will be paid PAYE, as if you were a full-time employee.

The Contract

Contracts are the basis for the agreement, the services you are providing and the conditions in which they are provided, so make sure that you get the contract right for both parties. It is essential that terms are defined, commercial obligations are clear, and you decide on how arbitration should take place. There are several resources available to help you with contract writing, so make use of them.


You are very unlikely to be able to work full-time, or even part-time for an employer, and also be a contractor. Embracing the life of a contractor often means giving up employment in order to make sure you have the time to deliver work for all of your clients and find more clients to work with. Be prepared to make a decision between your employment and your contracting work.

Top Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

The internet is day by day becoming more involved in our lives. An average at least spends around one hour on the internet in one way or another. Majority of the internet use is on social media and with that more and more businesses are moving towards social media for marketing. The virtual ads where they used to be printed in the newspapers now are on social sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and much more.

Just like with anything new you make mistakes doing it the first time, same as the situation with the social marketing it’s complicated and different from how it used to be done in the old ages.

Here are some of the mistakes people make in social media marketing:

Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Content Equals Success

One rule to learn about the internet is the better your content is, you’re more likely to get a lot of attention through it. There’s a saying “content is king”. If you have a starters company need to get recognition strong content might just be the only hit you have on getting your company viral.

When selling your product make the description of your products properly, get then reviewed see what the professionals think of it and the customers get feedback and try to make it better, use catchy phrases and things which are unique and will sit in a person mind.

Business Connections

There’s a big difference in business Connections and social media connections. There’s no doubt social media connections will help you spread it on social media and make connections. Although these connections will help you spread it to more people too this won’t help you make real connections which are interested in helping you grow your business and help you make your products better.

Start a Blog

Ever increasingly there are more and more blogs started by companies now to bring awareness to the people about the company. More companies are hiring writers for their blogs and the writers expect to get a lot of views but this becomes otherwise. Because of so many blogs by companies now even the good content is not getting recognized as well as it used to be. So the companies and writers get frustrated and shut down their blogs.

There is a need for patience. If you keep delivering good high-quality content sooner or later you will get recognized it’s just about luck so keep writing and don’t get frustrated it’s a long-term process and takes time.

Newsletter Subscription

It might seem useless at first I mean if someone’s interested they’ll visit your blog again they won’t they, right? But sometimes I’m sure even you can relate to it after reading something you think it’s really good and you will come back visit the site again but in the meantime, you get busy in a lot of things and forget about it.

Pay more Get more

If you desperate to grow your blog and spread the word about your company quickly invest money put up your ads on social website’s this will help you spread your word quickly and bring customers in fast.

Tips to Build a Friendly Environment at Work

In order to get best performance out of your employees and to make your company grow faster, you have to create a stress less and friendly environment in your work place. Understanding among the employees and having a great team spirit is really important for a company’s growth. Here we have compiled a list of some basic tips that will help you to build a friendly environment at work for your employees.

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