Top Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

The internet is day by day becoming more involved in our lives. An average at least spends around one hour on the internet in one way or another. Majority of the internet use is on social media and with that more and more businesses are moving towards social media for marketing. The virtual ads where they used to be printed in the newspapers now are on social sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and much more.

Just like with anything new you make mistakes doing it the first time, same as the situation with the social marketing it’s complicated and different from how it used to be done in the old ages.

Here are some of the mistakes people make in social media marketing:

Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Content Equals Success

One rule to learn about the internet is the better your content is, you’re more likely to get a lot of attention through it. There’s a saying “content is king”. If you have a starters company need to get recognition strong content might just be the only hit you have on getting your company viral.

When selling your product make the description of your products properly, get then reviewed see what the professionals think of it and the customers get feedback and try to make it better, use catchy phrases and things which are unique and will sit in a person mind.

Business Connections

There’s a big difference in business Connections and social media connections. There’s no doubt social media connections will help you spread it on social media and make connections. Although these connections will help you spread it to more people too this won’t help you make real connections which are interested in helping you grow your business and help you make your products better.

Start a Blog

Ever increasingly there are more and more blogs started by companies now to bring awareness to the people about the company. More companies are hiring writers for their blogs and the writers expect to get a lot of views but this becomes otherwise. Because of so many blogs by companies now even the good content is not getting recognized as well as it used to be. So the companies and writers get frustrated and shut down their blogs.

There is a need for patience. If you keep delivering good high-quality content sooner or later you will get recognized it’s just about luck so keep writing and don’t get frustrated it’s a long-term process and takes time.

Newsletter Subscription

It might seem useless at first I mean if someone’s interested they’ll visit your blog again they won’t they, right? But sometimes I’m sure even you can relate to it after reading something you think it’s really good and you will come back visit the site again but in the meantime, you get busy in a lot of things and forget about it.

Pay more Get more

If you desperate to grow your blog and spread the word about your company quickly invest money put up your ads on social website’s this will help you spread your word quickly and bring customers in fast.

How to Become a Millionaire by 30

Poverty is a punishment for the crime you never committed. Being poor sucks, even the middle-class category where you have to think twice before taking any money-involving step. Be it buying or investing in the smallest of things, when a person cannot afford to go bankrupt then hesitance become a hurdle in financially progressing well in life. Here is presenting to you 5 simple ways to become a millionaire by the age 30 because life does not wait for the person to grow, you either wait for a miracle to happen or row the boat yourself to make waves.

How to Become a Millionaire

Think Big

When the focus is a small target then the destination also becomes an ordinary one. To make more money with limited resources and time, it is necessary to start and think big so that the objective delivers an extraordinary outcome. The key to thinking of higher achievements is to pick up an inspirational personality to get improving influenced.

Don’t Show Off

When people start showing off after only a little hike in their income, the reactions act as a root of the downfall. Instead of showing off, the focus should be on growing and developing more ideas on how to turn this asset into a beneficial reward. Instantly spending the money without thinking of the future plans ultimately result in destruction.

Avoid Non-Profitable Loans

Debt acts the snake venom that sucks all the money from the accounts leaving the person financially dead. Taking loans that are ineffective in the long run should be skipped if the intention is that of a millionaire. If needed, loans should be the ones that can be paid in lesser time to get rid of the outgoing of the money.

Earn to Save and Invest

Logically speaking, what is the use of the saved money when you are unable to provide yourself with all the luxuries that you’ve been desiring for? This idea is for those people who believe in saving all their life and getting nothing in return. Money should be saved but to an extent. To become a millionaire, one should earn and save the money to keep it rolling.

Frame the Priorities

Setting the target before starting off with the millionaire journey is a mandatory step to take. When you have the priorities set, it becomes easier to achieve the goal. Also, never restrict the aim to a limited target. When the destination has a limitation in terms of earnings, then the stored money soon starts to disperse resulting in a loss.

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Chances Don’t Wait

Life is too short to be working for someone else’s dream. When the intention is to cross all the boundaries of success, then working in a restricted environment is useless. Opportunities can either be created or waited for. Build your own dreams and follow them without any hindrance to reach the ambition.

When you go through the renowned millionaire’s inspirational stories, you’d conclude that these 6 simple steps are foolproof and never fail to impress. So, follow them and turn your dream into a reality.

Retirement Mistakes Everyone Should Avoid

There no doubt we all make mistakes in life and later on catch up with them, but some steps in life can have such consequences which you cannot make up for such as the mistakes we make in the retirement stage. Planning for your retirement is crucial; some important decisions have to be made in life at this stage, so it is necessary that you don’t make mistakes at this time.

So to help you in the process to make your retirement a smooth one here are some of the general mistakes people make in time of retirement

Leaving out Maximizing your Employer Match

If you’re lucky enough to have worked for someone who offers 401k or some other retirement plan with a match, take advantage of it.

Once you have taken into the plan (which means you have worked with the company for long enough that you comply with their policy of retirement plan). The employer match money is yours but in the term that you have invested in it yourself as well.

Majority of the people say the employer money is like free money and possibly the best return you will find on a dollar. So for the sake if you’re employer matches money up to 3% on your salary, you also have to invest 3% of your salary as well.

This way you annually save up to 6% of your salary. If not maximizing your employer money you’re leaving out on almost free money which could help you with funds and financially in the future.

Taking Loan from the Retirement Account

This might just be the most common mistake people make. Most of the retirement funds let you take out money as a loan from your retirement plan account, so many people treat those accounts as savings accounts. People use that money to buy a nice car and so on.

While this might be fun at this stage but can have really bad effects in the future. Where that money could be used to buy things and help you get settled after retirement, that money is used up for luxuries in your daily life.

Adding to this if you leave the job before you pay off your loans when the taxes add up the interest rates may top up to the sky.

Not Diversifying your Investments

You might’ve heard many people saying don’t invest in a single business. It’s a piece of advice which if you follow will lead you to be a successful person.

The key to getting successful is not to rush when doing anything. If you rush into investing and exhaust out your retirement funds, the market is going high up, and you invest in diverse markets without analyzing it well.

You possibly lose a lot of money, and with that being said, you even don’t have the money to return your loans in such case you will be in great debt you won’t be able to pay off.

In the end, I would advise you not to use up your retirement funds for anything; it will cost you more than you expect.

How to and Where to Invest When you are Broke?

No one can claim that he does not need money. Even just for the basic necessities of life, we need money. And money has to be earned, to be made. Money defines our position in the society – this had become an unwritten, understood rule of the world. Since the very beginning, human beings exchanged items in return for something. The barter system was ended up, coins and gold taking place and then paper currency made a revolution.

Everyone is in the race of making more and more money to let the ends meet.

Earning Money

There are various ways of earning money unless you become a thief. Either you do a job and get paid for your services, or you do business. Running a business is not easy, you need to take a risk on your capital and must guess on whether you will be getting profit on your investment or not. Investing your money in the right place is highly essential and is an art not everyone is master of. To take a business initiative, one has to be bold and promising enough to make a mark and a difference in the already established market.

Investing with Low Money

But what if someone has less or no money at all? How can you start building up money and profit? There are many ways to start a small business. Like for instance, you can start a home-based DIY craft business. Utilize your skills and talent to work for you. Employ all your knowledge to it. But before any of this, start saving money. Cut the amount of money you usually spend and save it up. The more you save, the more you will have to invest.

Some Stock-Based Options

Dividends reinvestment plans, exchange-traded funds, and target date funds are some of the assured ways to get profit on your money. In DRIPs, you buy stocks from the company directly and invest the dividends again, making the profit growth. ETFs are a way in which you invest in some of the promising sectors of stock markets through brokers and there no limit to how much less you can invest. The companies will pay dividends. In TDFs, you are investing for your retirement. It is a combination of when you retire and the percentage of profit of the stocks. It is a way to ensure that you have money saved and build up when you approach retirement.

Gold and Property

You can also invest in gold or property. It is said that gold can never disappoint you. Buy a gold biscuit or a bar, and let the prices get high and similarly, invest in some emerging property area and wait for the prices to rise before selling it.

It is a tough but promising task to invest your money, and that too when you are broke.

But with little foresight and vision, and a little bit of risk, you can take one big decision which will end up making you successful.

Is Cell Phone Insurance Worth it or Just a Top Trier?

Alright so nowadays the most effective and basic thing which everyone has no matter if you are a teenager, bachelor, adult or a matured one cell phone is a dire need of everyone and plays an essential role in our daily life. That’s why cell phone stands can be useful to have. Click here to check out‘s opinion.

No matter wherever we go, wherever we are one thing which remains common is the essence of need of cell phones.

Even today as the world is going and growing to be advanced every single day at this stage of advancement children are also going to be habitual and know how to use and choose their favorite games and app in cell phones.

But this is not the end, to drag this topic more here in our today’s article I jot down the two aspects of cell phones which covers the pro and cons sides. In one side I try to cover up the topic in which I highlight the fact that is cell phone insurance worth it for those who are a fan to use the most expensive and latest phones, on the other hand, I highlight few aspects about the insurance that why in some cases it doesn’t worth that much as we assume.

So without any wastage of time, let’s get the ball rolling and have a look at these trendy advancing technology pro and cons in a Trier to worth it or not.

1. Is Cell Phone Insurance Worth it for a Usual Spoiler:

First thing comes first like we all know that no one is perfect and same like this many of us are not a good caretaker and can easily spoil and break our things usually. So this is for those who are a spoiler but also have interest and keen to buy latest and expensive phones for them to get cell phone insurance is one of the finest and good idea. Like for example if you drop or your phone dread in pool or water, or accidentally you break your phone screen, or something power surge causes happen then for this insurance is the best policy which is convenient for you.

Rest of this one thing which you have to keep in mind is that not every single company offers you the cell phones insurance there are few companies which offer you the insurance or return policies like in which iPhone, Samsung, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-mobiles are included.

In which they offer you the insurance, alternatives, and replacements as well.
But this is not the end there is also a con of thing which will get you nowhere and lead you towards the stage of bankrupt.

2. Insurance and Replacing can be Expensive for you:

This insurance and replacing can also lead you towards the stage of bankrupt why because their deductible charges and insurance claim start from the $49 and ends up to $175 and that is such a big sigh sign or red alarm situation for those who are careless and spoilers.

Is this a mercy or a customer care?

I don’t know in which category you can put this thing like in few cases your phone’s company won’t give you the full coverage although on the other hand, at some cases they offer you the full protection authority. And I think that is why they charged this high insurance amount in which they give you the

• One year or some allow you the two years warranty
• One year of hardware coverage
• Multi-protection or handset protection
• 90 days free support access

In which you fully enjoy the benefits if your phone gets any accidental damage or any battery and earphones issue.

3. Used Phone for Spoilers:

Well, another point to save your money is that if you think that you can’t afford that much insurance fee and also a lover of brands then to buy a used phone is kind of good option for you to avail. This not just only helps to save your monthly insurance bill but also fulfill your brand buying side.

4. An Agreement to Put Yourself in Cell Phone Insurance Worth it:

Rest of this if you are putting yourself in so before going to sign an insurance agreement make yourself sure that they are giving you the access of benefits if they are charging a huge amount from your side.

So in short, protect your phone and protect your money and think it twice before going to take any decision.

Tips to Build a Friendly Environment at Work

In order to get best performance out of your employees and to make your company grow faster, you have to create a stress less and friendly environment in your work place. Understanding among the employees and having a great team spirit is really important for a company’s growth. Here we have compiled a list of some basic tips that will help you to build a friendly environment at work for your employees.

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